“People often ask me how it is that I seem to be so much at peace. There is a primary reason — and it is available to all who wish to have it. Here’s a simple prerequisite to attaining peace at that level. I invite you to observe the beasts, birds and fish and let them teach you. Let this be a daily routine and life, as you know it, will never be the same.”
– Eddie Bo

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 265 - Close To Home

This morning I had time for a quick outing so I headed over to Elings Park.  It was cool and overcast for a change - a welcome relief from our recent hot days.

Elings Park was pretty quiet, bird-wise.  Last year we had good success with some warblers here when the fennel was blooming.  There is not so much of a bloom this year and the warblers seem to be going elsewhere.

After Elings Park I headed over to La Mesa Park, where there were actually a bunch of warblers.  They were mostly waaay up in the Eucalyptus trees.  Try as I might I could not find anything remotely unusual up in those trees.

I hear there are still interesting warblers being seen out in Goleta.  Looks like Goleta is in my future - again.

Some photos from this morning:

California Thrasher

California Thrashers
Unusual to see 2 of these together

Northern Mockingbird

After today the year's total still stands at 250. 

Today I rode a total of 4.6 miles

More later,

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