“People often ask me how it is that I seem to be so much at peace. There is a primary reason — and it is available to all who wish to have it. Here’s a simple prerequisite to attaining peace at that level. I invite you to observe the beasts, birds and fish and let them teach you. Let this be a daily routine and life, as you know it, will never be the same.”
– Eddie Bo

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 78 - Barn Swallow

Yesterday my friend Chris and I went out on the Condor Express to see some of the Gray Whales that are migrating past Santa Barbara right now.  We had a fine afternoon and saw 6 Gray Whales.  After driving to the harbor we spent a little time walking around before getting on the boat.  We saw Barn Swallows and Elegant Terns, both birds I would like to add to the Green Big Year List.

So this morning I hopped on my bike and headed back there to track down these two species.  I arrived at the Sea Landing and quickly found the Barn Swallows very close to where we had seen them yesterday.

I headed out to the breakwater where we had seen the Elegant Terns, but there were no terns of any sort to be found.  I checked the nearby beaches without success in this regard either.  On the way home I did find few a few Royal Terns lounging with the gulls at Leadbetter Beach, but their Elegant friends were not with them.  Soon there will be good numbers of Elegant Terns on the beaches here so I am sure I will catch up with some.

A few photos form this morning:

Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow

Belted Kingfisher

Bufflehead (Male)

Cinnamon Teal (Male)

After the addition of today's 1 species, the year's total stands at 191. 

Today I rode a total of 9.2 miles

More later,

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