“People often ask me how it is that I seem to be so much at peace. There is a primary reason — and it is available to all who wish to have it. Here’s a simple prerequisite to attaining peace at that level. I invite you to observe the beasts, birds and fish and let them teach you. Let this be a daily routine and life, as you know it, will never be the same.”
– Eddie Bo

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 302 - Mute Swan Begone!

Yesterday I was reminded (twice!) that Mute Swan is not a countable species in California.

Sure enough, Mute Swan is hiding there on the year's list: January 1, Bird #23.  It must be removed!

So that I do not need to go back through the last 150 posts and update all the numbers, here is what I will do:  Henceforth I will report the total birds - 1.

Thus, as of today the year's total = 269 - 1, or 268.

Also, here is an announcement from the Vermont Center for Ecostudies regarding our little contest:

After today the year's total stands at 268

The Score: Vermont 264, Green Big Year 268

More later,

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