“People often ask me how it is that I seem to be so much at peace. There is a primary reason — and it is available to all who wish to have it. Here’s a simple prerequisite to attaining peace at that level. I invite you to observe the beasts, birds and fish and let them teach you. Let this be a daily routine and life, as you know it, will never be the same.”
– Eddie Bo

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Day 350 - Another Chilly Morning!

I had some time this morning to get out and look for some birds.  I left later than usual as the temperature was near freezing when the sun came up.  No need to get too frosty out there!

Once again the only known possibility for finding a new species nearby was the Grace's Warbler out at the old Ocean Meadows Golf Course.  Instead of wasting more time not finding it, I decided to head back to the lagoon at UCSB.  I cannot say I have given up on the Grace's Warbler yet, but ....

The lagoon now has lots of ducks and other bird activity.  In addition, school is out for the Christmas break so it is actually quite a peaceful time to be out there.

Nothing too far out of the ordinary in terms of the birds this morning.  I did once again see the Loon trifecta, and there were some Northern Shovelers in the lagoon.  I do not recall seeing that species there previously.

Just a couple of days before I depart for Christmas, then only 3 birding days after I return.  This little project is rapidly coming to a close!

No new birds today but definitely a nice morning to be out looking.

Some photos from this morning:

American Wigeon (male)

Pacific Loon

Pied-billed Grebe

Red-throated Loon

After today the year's total still stands at 285

The Score: Vermont 277, Green Big Year 285

Today I rode a total of 25.3 miles

More later,

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